Sunday, March 18, 2007

TSA - a good experience for once

I've been flying quite a bit here lately. My last experience with TSA while using a cane was less than fantastic. As before, flying out of BWI was a hassle, but returning really was a different experience. It was obvious, from my experience there, that the Birmingham TSA has taken efforts to educate their officers on disabilities and take measures to ensure that the experience is as pleasant as possible.

At Birmingham International Airport in Birmingham, Alabama, when going to the main terminal (the only one used much, really), I presented my boarding pass and ID to the people checking it. They then escorted me to the security line reserved for pilots, flight attendants and airport employees. When I got there, I put my bags on the x-ray machine and waited until the last minute to put my cane up. To my surprise, the TSA officer told me to "wait just a second, honey." She turned around, and when she came back, she had a plastic cane for me to use. They let me take my time getting through the checkpoint, and were glad to assist me getting my bags off the x-ray machine and putting on my shoes.

TSA in Birmingham gets two thumbs up from me. A plastic cane is an easy addition to the security screening point, and it makes life so much easier for someone like me. I came out of security feeling more relaxed, in less pain, and most of all, respected.

I am writing a letter to TSA headquarters to encourage providing such service at all airports and commending the Birmingham airport TSA for their efforts.


Able Mart said...

Wow, it sounds like you got first class treatment. Nice for a change.

Disgruntled Ladye said...

I know! I was absolutely shocked. But pleased.