Thursday, March 08, 2007

It's about time.

My rheumatologist is finally doing diagnostic work on my hips. I was using my cane yesterday since, because of the snow and weather change, my hip decided it didn't want to move. Well, that was finally enough for the rheumatologist to examine it and order x-rays (after discovering that my right hip will not abduct more than 20 degrees). His comment: "Well, your range of motion is significantly diminished in the right". Uh yeah doc, that's what I've been trying to tell you for several months now.

He doesn't want to do a cortisone shot in the hip because it is more difficult than other joints. He wants to see the x-rays before he makes a call on what to do next. If the x-ray shows nothing, then it's MRI time. Fun stuff.

J, the infusion nurse, told me that I need to consider getting a disabled parking placard after discovering I haven't really gone anywhere in the past month because of pain. I'm thinking I will apply for one. I don't think I would use it all the time, but it would help me do things like grocery shopping. I only go grocery shopping on the way home from work, and then only if I can find a parking space close to the door.


betsyl said...

it sounds like my arthritis is under better control than your arthritis, and my parking fairy (that's what i call it; seems more friendly somehow) is a lifesaver for me. you can *always* park by the door when you go grocery shopping.

and if you're having a good day, you don't have to use it. there's nothing stopping you from parking at the end of the lot and hiking in.

Disgruntled Ladye said...

I haven't posted about it yet, but I did get the placard. It was a lovely 25th birthday present.

I like your name better though--I may adopt it.

As to my arthritis--it's not under control much at all right now. Enbrel was doing a little bit but not enough for my rheumatologist's liking, so he switched me, in the middle of winter, to Remicade. Smart timing, that.