Monday, February 26, 2007


Airports, flights, family. I am tired--no, exhausted. Hobbling around the airport while toting a rolling suitcase proves much more tiresome than toting the suitcase alone.

Oh yeah, for once, TSA didn't try to confiscate my inhaler (in either city!). They did make me send my cane through the x-ray machine, but the TSA officer let me use her arm for support, so it wasn't too bad. The TSA officer was very nice and pleasant (that never happens!) and before having me send my cane through, she very respectfully asked if I could walk without the assistance of my cane.

I'm still not sure if they should have made me send the cane through and hobble through without it (ie. what the official rules are), but it wasn't worth the fight since I was already so tired. I suppose the alternative is to send the cane through, have them pass it back to me, then wand me. I should call TSA tomorrow to see what the "official" procedure is.


Katja said...

The alternative would be to skip walking through the metal detector and hand search you. You would be able to sit in a chair for this search.

Disgruntled Ladye said...

Thanks. I figured someone out there would know.