Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Remicade update

I haven't gone for my 4th Remicade infusion yet, but my psoriasis is clearing up quite nicely. I've had two particularly resistant spots on my fingers, and they're starting to fade away. Before long, I hope, people won't be able to notice it--thank God! It's really obnoxious to have to either hide the psoriasis or be prepared to have people comment on it or point it out (and then have to explain what psoriasis is and that it's not contagious. Check out the Psoriasis Foundation's FAQs on psoriasis for more information about psoriasis.). For several months, I was wearing band aids on two fingers to cover the lesions, but even that had people asking what I did to myself. Sometimes you just can't win.

So, even if the stuff wears off quickly for my joints, my skin is benefiting.

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