Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Letter to Fox

Dear Writers for House,

Why is it that almost every episode of House I have seen recently deals with autoimmune diseases? And then, why is it that said autoimmune disease is either fatal or easily cured with steroids? I love House, primarily for the tragic flaws of one Gregory House, M.D. He's such an ass, but I like him anyway. I do still love a good medical mystery, but I prefer books and authors like Robin Cook for that. Where is the mystery in the medical mystery show when the possibilities for diagnosis include autoimmune disease.

While I realize that autoimmune diseases fall under the "mystery" category when it comes to medicine, can you please throw in something a little different every now and then. Or, perhaps you could portray the middle ground between "you're going to die" and "you'll be fine after some prednisone" with autoimmune diseases. When I, a computer scientist, know more about the diseases you present on your television program, that indicates to me that you did not do your research! Seriously, throw in a rare genetic disorder every now and then. Don't just fall back on autoimmune disease every time you run out of materials.


Disgruntled Ladye

Now, where were the doctors like House when I was taking years to get diagnosed with an autoimmune disease? Autoimmune is one of the last areas (or was at the time) they check when it comes to diagnosis of a myriad of health complaints. Maybe TV will make autoimmune diseases a little more prevalent in the medical world? I won't hold my breath.

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