Friday, March 30, 2007

Keroack resigns

Eric Keroack, an abstinence only advocate who was put in charge of the federal office that oversees reproductive rights funding, has resigned (via Feministing).

A quick search pulled up an article in the Boston Globe, and it looks like his resignation is the result of action being taken against his private practice by Medicaid.

The head of the federal office responsible for providing women with access to contraceptives and counseling to prevent pregnancy resigned unexpectedly yesterday after Medicaid officials took action against him in Massachusetts.

The Health and Human Services Department provided no details about the nature of the Massachusetts action that led to Dr. Eric Keroack's resignation.

This is good news. But I will reserve any celebration until a replacement is named. It's still possible that the Bush administration could find someone who is on par with Keroack or worse.

Keroack's deputy, Evelyn Kappeler, has been selected as an interim replacement. A Google search yields little information about Kappeler except that she is the deputy. One can only hope that the Bush administration doesn't pick someone worse to ultimately replace Keroack.

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