Monday, March 26, 2007

Busy, Anxious and Nervous

After the fiasco with the last job offer I received, I've been looking for other jobs. My current contract ends in 2 weeks. Time is running out. I'm being considered for a short-term teaching stint with a local university. That would be good, but they've delayed making a decision yet again.

In 2 weeks finances will get much more difficult if something doesn't come through. My husband is already stressed about it--among other things. I'm looking for something, I swear. I can't help it if no one is returning my calls or they're taking their time in getting an offer to me! I just wish he wouldn't take out his stress on me; I can only handle so much of the silent treatment.

I've been interviewing back down South. One interview started out by me being told I had the job, but I still haven't received any offer letter or other verbal offering. I really want the job, but I'm nervous that the offer won't be good enough for me to take (salary and relocation expenses are a concern). Then, I'll be stuck here with no job and an upset, frustrated and worried husband. Unfortunately, my skill set is fairly specific, so finding a good fit is very difficult.

Over the weekend we spent a lot of time working on our house and getting it ready should we end up moving. I painted trim, which is rather difficult to do when you're in pain (and now I'm regretting that decision). We cleaned and organized and straightened. The place looks pretty good. Still a lot to do should we put the house on the market, but it looks better than before.

If we do end up moving, I'm worried about getting a new rheumatologist. I really don't want to have to go through the diagnostic stage again. I know I'm not a standard case in any regard. I don't fit the "typical" psoriatic arthritis case, but I don't fit RA or AS either. As long as a new Dr. will continue my current treatments, I think I'll be ok. But, I'm worried that they'll doubt my diagnosis, and thus doubt the treatment and stop it.

I'm just really nervous. I'm a worry wart. This is one of the first times in my life that I've been in a situation like this (lots of unplanned stuff), and I don't know what I'm going to do if things don't just fall into place. I worry that if I don't get something soon, all hell will break loose. I just can't handle that right now.


Anonymous said...

Moving and changing doctors is a pain. Sometimes it can be a little easier if you ask the current doctors for referrals in your new location--they may have friends in the same specialty who happen to be in your new city, which can smooth the transition a bit, because the new doctor already knows the old doctor. Or if they at least know "who's good," or whose approach would mesh with your current plan, in your new location, that's a start.

Anonymous said...


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