Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Not another allergy...

A new PF Chang's restaurant opened in the Baltimore yesterday. One of my work friends took me there for lunch for my birthday (Thanks!).

I really like PF Chang's every once in a while. I don't love the long wait that usually comes with eating there, but I truly enjoy some of their food. Unfortunately, something I ate yesterday caused an allergy episode. I have no idea if it was the lettuce wraps, the entrees we shared or the dessert that caused the reaction. This is not good. I didn't think that I had food allergies, at least, not the type that make my throat swell and give me hives. Luckily, I caught the symptoms early enough that benadryl and a couple of puffs of the albuterol inhaler were enough to get me through it.

So, this makes 2 new allergic reactions in less than a week.

I think my immune system hates me.

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Anonymous said...

you aren't the only one.
I just came back from PF Chang here in Los Angeles, I had Kung pao shrimp, coconut curry vegies and shrimp fried rice, yes I love shrimp.
But about an hour later, my head and face started itching so I rushed home knowing its another allergy. I got home ate 2 calritin and stood in the shower for 30 minutes and now its going down slowly. I had this happen to me one other time when I had shrimp at Changs. I think it might be the shrimp in the Fried rice. They don't cook that they just boil it. Take it easy.