Friday, February 02, 2007

What a day.

Well, thanks to my lovely co-workers passing this bug to me, I cannot take my second dose of Remicade today. I trekked into the doctor's office this morning, and as soon as I heard my talk (I'm quite hoarse) decided that I needed a Z-pack and some rest. I had to reschedule my infusion for next week. So, I'm now officially off schedule. And I'm missing even more work than originally planned.

Oh well, it could be worse.

On the plus side, I think my rheumatologist finally understood how much pain my hips have been causing. I've been telling him for a few months that my hips are really hurting and affecting my mobility, but he's pretty much dismissed it since my feet looked horrible and they're my usual complaint. When he started moving my right hip around during his exam, it let out this loud, nasty, grinding pop and I whimpered, well, yelped really. He started asking questions about the hip pain and poking and prodding the outer side of the hip (I presume to rule out fibromyalgia). So, maybe now he'll take my hip complaints seriously.

Why is it that doctors don't really listen? I hate having to "prove" my problems. It's bad enough that all of my labs look "normal" except for a high ANA. Proving that my hip does indeed grind and hurt shouldn't be such an ordeal.

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Amy said...

I am taking Orencia and get an infusion every month. I had some dental work done and they would not allow me to get my infusion because I had a root canal. i was so mad that I left crying. I did not realize that dental work was considered surgury. I totally understand how you feel after you walk into the office and they say maybe you should not have your infusion. It make me mad. I also have this annoying nurse who could not get my vein. I only have one vein for my infusion so I have to plan the blood work and everyting just right. I will be flying for the first time with RA, to Washington for the summit, any tips on how to travel. Hope your hips are getting better. Talk to you soon Take care