Thursday, February 01, 2007

Too many workplace germs, and now I'm sick

I hate working in a cube farm for one reason: I always get sick. Even before I began taking immunosuppressants, I was always getting anything and everything that went around at school and at work. Those co-workers who come into work no matter what's wrong--flu, cold, stomach bug, you name it, they drive me crazy because, once again, I am sick with whatever it was that someone else had last week. Of course, no one there understands that I have no immune system. I've tried to get them to be courteous by doing basic things: cover their mouths when they cough, use a tissue instead of their hand when they sneeze, use hand sanitizer, and stay at least a few feet away from me when they're sick.

But no. That means I'm rude.

No, rude would be carrying Lysol around with me at all times and spraying any offensive behavior. What I'm doing is self-preservation. The common cold puts me out of commission for a few weeks. I can't miss that much work. Thankfully, I can work from home, but it is no fun being sick and working, even from my comfy bed.

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