Monday, February 12, 2007

Dinner party if humans acted like dogs

For all the dog lovers out there.

I came across a cute article in Bark Magazine online. The article talks about what a dinner party would be like if humans acted like dogs.

A few excerpts:

Another guest arrives at the door and rings the bell. Everyone runs over to the door, evidently excited beyond belief, and stands or jumps around, jostling each other while staring at the door and yelling, “WHO’S THERE?!?! WHO’S THERE!?!?!”
The guest on the other side of the door yells back, “WHO’S THERE?!?!? WHO’S THERE!?!?”
Somehow, the new arrival enters and the party resumes as before.

Everyone races over to the table and there’s a big to-do while the seating arrangement is worked out.
Then all the guests eat as fast as they possibly can. Every so often, one guest simply grabs something off the plate of the person next to him/her. Sometimes that person grabs it back.
When everyone’s finished, they jump up and change places to inspect each other’s plates.

It made me laugh. And lord knows we can all use a laugh on Mondays.

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