Friday, February 09, 2007

Remicade #2

I had my second dose of Remicade yesterday afternoon. I'm still sick, but since I seem to be getting better, the Dr. went ahead and let me take it. This time, the fatigue wasn't so bad. I was tired, but nothing like with the first infusion.

Unfortunately, this experience with the needle wasn't as good as last time. The nurse got it on the first stick, but it kept hurting for the entire 2.5 hours it was in. Nothing major, just sore. She had to readjust the butterfly so it wasn't digging into my skin, and because of the adjustment and moving of the needle, I now have a nice bruise forming on my arm. I think next time I'll have her go into my wrist or hand again--it hurt much less, and there was no bruising (though that spot still hasn't healed after 3 weeks).

I still can't tell if the Remicade is working. My hips are really bothering me (I'll blame this on the doctor's exam yesterday where he made me put my foot up on the opposite knee--I haven't felt the same since I attempted to do that). Now it hurts when I sit, stand, walk, move. My feet are doing better, and the swelling in my hands is down. I'd forgotten how bony my hands are! The psoriasis on my elbows and knees is almost gone, and the spots on my fingers look significantly better. Now, if the hip pain would get better, I'd be able to say for sure that it's working.

As of right now, I'd say there is improvement, but not enough to phone home about just yet.

Update (Feb 12): Looks like (knock on wood), I may be feeling some of the effects of the Remicade. Swelling is still down. Hip pain is less--I can walk up and down the stairs without my cane most of the time. Feet fit into my dress shoes. Things are looking up.

Now, if I could get rid of the nasty bruise on my arm from the infusion... I'm tired of people asking me what I did to myself and giving me accusing looks (the bruise really looks like I was shooting up).

Update #2 (Feb 14): It seems the Remicade's usefulness lasts about 4 days. I felt like I had been run over by a mack truck this morning, and the cane is back out. Still, 4 days of relief is more than I've had in a few years.

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