Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Maryland Snow

It snowed last night here in lovely Maryland. In my neck of the woods, we got maybe 2 inches, and that's being generous. Of course, my homeowner's association (HOA) didn't plow/salt my road (this is becoming a trend), but otherwise, the roads aren't bad.

So, to recap, 2 inches, probably less, of snow, and the roads are, for the most part clear. But still, a large number of the schools (160 according to one local news channel) here are closed. Pretty much all the school districts between D.C. and Baltimore are closed. I'm sure that if I still worked at my former job, I'd have today off too. Such is life.

If this were Texas or Southern California, I could understand, but this is not unusual for this area. Oh well, I will just use this as an excuse to work from home for a few hours and avoid the scary people on the roads.

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