Wednesday, February 14, 2007


The weather has been pretty gross around here lately, and last night we got a lovely winter mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain. My street hasn't been cleared or treated. And of course, the weather has made my joints decide to revolt (let me tell you, using a cane when your fingers don't want to grip makes for an interesting experience). The cold/infection/etc that I thought I was over is back, and because of the weather, my rheumatologist's office is closed.

Fortunately, my company allows employees to work from home, especially when there is inclement weather. It works out nicely when I a) don't want to drive and b) don't feel like trying to walk on icy sidewalks. I'm a consultant anyway, so it's not like my work depends on my physical presence. So, my co-workers and I, for the most part, are all working from our homes and interacting via email and instant messages. I really don't see why more companies don't embrace telecommuting.

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