Friday, February 02, 2007

Return of Perky Nurse

For some reason, every time I go to the rheumatologist, I see Perky Nurse (who can't hit my veins to save her life). Now, she's sweet, and aside from the inability to hit my veins, seems fairly competent. But she really irked me this morning when she took my blood pressure.

Her: "100 over 68. How does that compare to your usual bp?"
Me: "A little high."
Her: "You mean low."
Me: "No, I mean high, as in it's usually 78-80 over 58-60."
Her: "Um.. yeah, whatever."
Me: evil glare

Now really, if you think I'm lying, look at my chart. My bp is usually in the range I stated, and the notes of my dysautonomia and fainting spells are in there. Seriously, my bp isn't that low. I'm sure that if she took my bp after that exchange it would have been "normal".

What ever happened to bedside manner?