Sunday, January 21, 2007


It's snowing outside in the, up until recently, unseasonably warm weather locale of the Balitmore/DC region.

Snow is so beautiful--too bad I'll have to go to work tomorrow, I'd prefer to sit inside, drink cocoa and look out at the wintry landscape behind my townhouse. Unfortunately, we aren't supposed to get much snow (1", maybe), and my favorite thing about snow is watching my dog play in it (and we have a puppy who's never seen the stuff). It's highly amusing to watch my normally somber cocker spaniel bound and leap and burrow in the snow.


Andrew said...

We had our big snow dump on Friday. (I'm in New Brunswick, east of Maine.) It's pretty, but after a couple of days I'm ready for Spring :o)

Andrew (To Love, Honor, and Dismay)

Disgruntled Ladye said...

I've been ready for spring since, well, the beginning of fall. But, the Texan in me has to look out in wonder at the fluffy white stuff. :)