Thursday, January 04, 2007

Baltimore/Washington Driving Rant

Attention driver of the beige Subaru Forester today around 4:40 going Southbound on the BW Parkway just south of the beltway:
The speed limit on the BW Pkwy is 55, not 50. The real speed of most drivers on this road is around 70. In light of such information, it would behoove you to drive in the right lane, aka the "slow lane", to avoid getting tailgated, or worse, rear-ended on your daily commute. Slamming on your brakes only exacerbates this problem. I cannot tell, when approaching at approximately 65 miles per hour, that you are driving like a 90 year old grandmother on this busy road. By slamming on your brakes, you dropped to a dangerous 45 miles per hour, in the FAST LANE. Go with the flow of traffic or take a different route. Do not subject the rest of us to your poor driving skills.

Attention drivers leaving downtown Baltimore via 295 S:
Yes, there is construction. No, you do not have to slow down to 15 mph just to read the signs. This construction has been going on for quite some time. I see some of your cars every day on my commute home. The strange traffic pattern should be normal to you by now. Learn to deal.

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