Friday, January 12, 2007

Prednisone, How I Love/Hate You

I just finished prednisone taper #2 for the year 2007 (not a good track record!). I love prednisone, I really do. it makes me feel so much better (and makes my fingers skinny... I mean normal-sized). I also hate prednisone. Aside from the weight gain and other side effects, coming off of it is rough, especially if your arthritis isn't under control (like mine now). Once you get on long term prednisone, it's very difficult to get off, so tapers (6 day course of pred dropping in dosage every day) are the preferred method of dosing.

The first day without prednisone (when disease is not controlled) is somewhat like waking up with a hangover. The inflammation and swelling that had been kept at bay begin creeping back. Morning stiffness worsens. All you want to do is sleep some more.

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Melissa Mead said...

Oh, Prednisone! 10 years on it saved my life-and gave me osteoporosis, glaucoma and a 50-lb weight gain. I'm grateful-but it DOES come with a price!