Monday, January 29, 2007

Program to get women into Computer Science

Thanks to a post at, I just found out about a really great idea to get women into Computer Science. Mills College, a women's liberal arts college in Oakland, CA, has an interdisciplinary computer science program geared towards women who already have bachelors degrees in another field. They have a graduate degree and a certificate program. These programs seem like a great way to get women, who may have opted out of the workplace or who are looking for a career change, into technology.

The interdisciplinary approach of a liberal arts college is a great way to look at technology (I'm a little biased as I hold a Computer Science degree from a liberal arts school) without pigeon-holing everything into the purely technological framework. This is an area where I think women can really make a difference by their different views of the world. It's only made better by bringing in women from other academic backgrounds.

Imagine the power a psychology undergrad degree combined with a computer/technology master's would bring to human computer interaction. This is the wave of the future.


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