Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Medical ID Bracelet

Well, I finally ordered a medical ID bracelet. Since I take so many meds and have several drug allergies and several health conditions, I decided it was time. I had my ID charm engraved with "On Mult Meds - See Wallet Card". That way, there's not a ton of info about my health hanging on my wrist, but would alert EMTs or first responders that I need special consideration. (Of course, now it will be my luck that if something does happen, I won't have my wallet on me).

I really struggled to find a style that I liked (and didn't scream "Look at me, I'm ill!"). But, thanks to Chronic Babe, I found the Beadin' Beagle and ordered this beauty. Now I just have to wait a few weeks until it comes.

From my discussions with people on the Arthritis Foundation's boards, no one really wants to wear one of these bracelets, but many of us should. So, let me take this opportunity to say it:

If you have a chronic illness (especially an invisible one), take multiple medications, have drug allergies, or take prednisone or immunosuppresants, it's a good idea.

Another site with pretty medical ID bracelets is Lauren's Hope.


amysue said...

Yeah. You're right, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I even ordered a sporty version with my diabetes/heart/allergy info but never wear it. I'm a dork, but I hate wearing anything.

Michelle said...

Just found your site. It's nice to know I'm not the only one really embarrassed to get a "granny chain". I really need to get one, too. Considering I have lupus, sjogrens, probably Addison's (they threw me on huge doses of pred. before I could see the endocrinologist, so I don't know for sure yet, not that it matters, I guess), just for starters. I get to take...wait, let me count....8 different meds a day, some twice a day, not including my lovely pain patch (gotta love those). That also doesn't cover the rituxan infusions I need every six months to keep my body from destroying my brain...yeah, I need one of those bracelets, bad. I'm actually considering the medicalert key fob instead...nice little USB drive that can carry your entire medical history. They've got some pretty nice bracelets, too, and I've considered just making one for myself.

You're gonna

Disgruntled Ladye said...

LOL - "granny chain".

Just what I need to go with my reading glasses and the cane I'm considering getting. At least there are companies out there recognizing the need and offering creative solutions.

I've considered medicalert myself, but as an IT security professional, I have concerns about their measures to protect any information I give them. I'd want to see their last IT vulnerability assessments and HIPAA audits--but that's just me being a little paranoid (okay, a lot paranoid, but I get paid to be like that).