Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Top Ten "Girl Geeks" on CNET

As reported on Slashdot, CNET has listed their top ten list of girl geeks. While there are some women on the list who truly deserve the geek title (In case you think being a geek is bad, in this case it is not. Women have been struggling to be taken seriously as geeks for a long time), there are several that should by no means be on the list.

The list from CNET:

  1. Ada Byron - credited with creating the first computer program. The language "Ada" is named after her.

  2. Val Tereshkova - first woman in space

  3. Grace Hopper - Wrote the first compile (COBOL).

  4. Daryl Hannah - "She's starred in some of the most important geek movies of all time including Blade Runner and Attack of the 50 Foot Woman." I would put an "eco" geek on a different list. Being in geek movies doesn't make you a geek.

  5. Rosalind Franklin - Chemist who was an expert in the structure of DNA and viruses.

  6. Mary Shelley - Wrote Frankenstein. While I enjoy Shelley's work, I fail to see how writing Frankenstein qualifies her as a geek.

  7. Lisa Simpson - WHAT? Cartoon characters don't count. Period. Even if they did, Lisa is more nerd than geek.

  8. Marie Curie - Discovered the elements radium and polonium.

  9. Aleks Krotoski - Writer for the Guardian. "an expert" on social psychology of virtual worlds.

  10. Paris Hilton - WHAT??? They list her for carrying her PSP, using a Sidekick, and attending E3. Having a sex tape on the Internet does not make you a geek.

While some of these, I'm sure, were included jokingly, putting someone such as Paris Hilton on the same pedestal as Grace Murray Hopper or Ada Byron or Marie Curie is insane. Some commenters on Slashdot have gone so far as to say that the list is offensive to women. I say it's offensive to geeks. Paris Hilton a geek? Puhleeze!


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