Monday, November 06, 2006

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome gets boost from CDC

The CDC is pushing efforts to make the public aware that CFS is a real disease. For many years CFS has been considered a "fake" illness by many in the medical community, largely due to the fact that no cause or effective treatment has been found to date. Much like depression and asthma, which were previously believed to be psychosomatic illnesses, CFS for a long time has been though to be in patients' heads.

So, kudos to CDC for bringing this to the forefront. Hopefully this will help to push more funding and research to finding causes and treatments.

*Full disclosure -- My mother has suffered from CFS for at least 10 years now. CFS at the most extreme is debilitating fatigue compounded with other immune system problems (susceptibility to illness, for one). I hope and pray that one day she will be able to enjoy her life again, and not live life stuck in bed.

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