Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm Still Here - An Update

It's been a crazy past few months. Let me just say that moving a long distance and moving again 3 months later (out of a hell-hole of an apartment) is tiring and stressful.

We are, thankfully, in a lovely home now. We have good neighbors, a fenced yard (yay! Though one of my dogs has an issue with doing her business when the grass is wet; such a princess), and everything I need is on the main level with no stairs getting into the house except for a small step to enter. It is quite nice to be able to avoid stairs after living in a 3 story townhouse for 2 years.

I've been continuing with Remicade, and I'm now getting the infusions every 4 weeks. I maxed out in dosage at 500 mg (8.6 mg/kg) due to adverse reactions, so if it stops working, I'll probably have to change to a different drug. So far, the new interval seems to be about right. I start having morning stiffness and pain around 3.5 weeks, and after 4.5 weeks I need to use a cane to get around most days. I can definitely handle a few days of pain much better than a few weeks.

My job has been going pretty well. It's not as challenging or interesting as I would like, but I hope that it gets more so soon as I take on the duties of someone who just quit last week.

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Anonymous said...

I am having my first Remicade tomorrow, quite excited...
Good to read someone else's experience in advance, so thank you for sharing it.
Bente, Denmark