Wednesday, October 04, 2006

One and a half weeks to go...

A week from Friday will be my last day at my current, horrific government job.

While government jobs offer incredible job security, there is no driving force to encourage people to do a good job (or even DO their job) for that matter. Eventually, the fact that my ultimate boss, the President of the United States, stands for things like torture, have taken their toll. Working in the government (civil service) is not for everyone. It is definitely not for someone with a strong political sense, especially if those sensibilities go against much of what the current administration is doing.

When congress gave the President more power to spy on Americans (yes, only under certain situations that should have been covered under FISA), make it okay to torture prisoners, and whatever other evil things are going on that we don't know about, I really lost any and all desire to continue working in that hellhole.

Thankfully, that day will come soon.

The private sector is not perfect, but at least the most evil things most corporations do involve swindling money--not torturing people.