Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Don't Marry a Woman With a Career...

You've got to be kidding me.

Forbes Magazine has an article up now proclaiming that men shouldn't marry career women. It even goes so far as to say that if you do fall for a career woman, you're not very likely to actually get married.. or have kids... or be happy... or have a clean house

Well then, welcome back to the 1950s ladies. We're supposed to be happy, at home, barefooted and pregnant in the kitchen with dinner on the table by the time dear hubby comes home.

Career aspirations do pull on women, and admittedly there are many women in high places who don't have children. But, those aren't necessarily by choice of career over children. I know many women who just don't want kids of their own. Nieces, nephews? sure! But kids of their own? no. Some women don't have that inherent "mommy" gene that so many men seem to think all women posess.

Really, the problem with career women and having children and being happy about that is a symptom of a society that doesn't offer enough assistance to working parents. Mothers and fathers need more flexibility to be able to cope with work and personal life. The U.S. is much better at this than when I was growing up, but we're definitely not doing well by any means.

A few things that would help out in this regard:

  • Flexible schedules and work arrangements - and not just saying they exist, actually making them work and not penalizing those who take advantage of them.

  • Adjust tax law so that the second earner in a marriage doesn't pay the majority of their salary in taxes.

  • Affordable, good childcare. Many middle class women can't afford to work AND have kids in childcare. After taxes, some women who still choose to work end up LOSING money--in effect paying for the chance to work.