Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Quit losing laptops!

This and this--namely laptops with lots of people's personal data (SSN, name, address, etc) being stolen--is getting old.

Who thought is was a good idea for these people to be carrying around laptops with that much private data all the time? Why weren't those programs/files/etc at least protected, at the very minimum, with passwords. Let me rephrase... good passwords. I really hope that the people who had their laptops stolen are punished. I can't think of a good reason that the data would be stored on the laptops. Laptops are often stolen. That's a fact. So, why not use a VPN to connect to your office and keep the personal data there!

Equifax, I'm sure, is going to feel the hurt. At least they're a public company (not the government), so their stock can go down. What do we do when the government loses the data? we can't just not use the government. We can't make it go out of business.

I'm of the opinion that government needs to be run like a business. Don't meet your goals? You lose x percentage of your cut of the tax-payers dollars. I think we could fire 80% of government workers, and we'd never know the difference.

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